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The Germans from Romania are an integrant part of the Romanian state. Testimonies show that Germans have been present in Romania for more than eight centuries, and their number increased or decreased, depending on the historical and political context.

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In the first years after the Second World War, the Germans from Romania were collectively discriminated and apart from the meetings inside the churches, there were no links between the Germans from Suceava. After the revolution a lot has been written about deportations, cultura germană de dating the people avoid this subject because they did not enjoy it.

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InaboutGermans were living in Romania, and until the census from their number had decreased to 60, It consists of local, county and regional organizations. The regional organizations are five in number, each for: Extracarpathian region, Banat, Bukovina, Northern Transylvania and Transylvania.

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By the mission of the Forum, the German traditions of the region are carried on and at the same time modern impulses are transmitted. This Forum makes the link between culture, language and especially people possible.

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The largest local forum is located in Suceava. Here there is a room for young people equipped with games and movies, a library with a lot of books written in German language for children and for young people and also books written in old Gothic German-language which have helped over the years to discover the cultural background of the Germans from Romania.

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Nowadays there are only a few Germans in Bukovina, but this German Forum still tries to keep German culture and to preserve the traditions of our region alive. The German Forum from Bukovina organizes mass media projects movies, radio, blogscreative activities writing, photography, theater, games, crafts, musicnational and international youth meetings, training conversations in German language, workshops and traditional German festivals.

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Some say that Bukovina is like a "little Europe" because there are a lot of ethnic groups which live together. From a cultural point of view the German Forum from Suceava organizes a lot of activities with kindergartens and schools.

The festive days are also traditional celebrated, the church services are performed usually in German language at the Catholic Cathedral from Suceava at Zamca Monastery, at the Roman Catholic Church from Cacica, or at other churches.

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