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    There's an optional paid DLC that increases the amount of dateable guys and adds a few neat extra features. GB Patch Bundle Story: The story begins when our nameable protagonist finally transfers into the boarding school of her dreams at the start of her junior year in high school.

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    It would be perfect if it wasn't for that little catch attached to her enrollment: her parents will only let her keep attending the school for her remaining two years dating mb 149 she doesn't make everyone there hate her by shunning them, like she always does. Do your best to show just enough interest in the other losers around to appease the folks while still having time to chase after all the attractive guys in the MC's afterschool group, which just so happens to be a group for chronically unfriendable people.

    No, seriously folks. When we say the protagonist and main love interests are a big ol' jerk squad it's not a mistake and it's not an understatement.

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    Features: 3 distinct jerky main boyfriend options: Everett Gray, Nate Lawson, and Shiloh Fields 6 side characters who'll be your buddies and 6 minor clique boyfriend options, each with a bonus effect that makes the game easier Partial Voice acting for every significant character by a talented cast The option to break up with your bf and start dating someone else, if you feel like it A variety of methods to manage your Reputation with the unimportant students Part-time jobs, stores to visit, useful items, optional mini-games, an in-game phone to call a guy up and arrange a date at one of several different locations Overwords.