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    Grand strategy meets real-time tactical battles meets 3rd person space shooter action. Manage your empire across thousands of stars developing systems, stations heathen dating fleets to spread your influence across the galaxy.

    Take command of battles issuing orders and assigning targets to orchestrate the downfall of your competition. Lead your battle groups from the front as you take the helm of powerful warships and turn the tide against impossible odds. Fleet Combat: In combat you take the role of battle commander and warship pilot. Issue orders to your battlegroups in 'Command mode', an RTS style view or switch to 3rd person view to take direct control of any warship in your fleet.

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    Organization Types: Choose from one of three organization classes to start your empire, each with its own unique perks and unique origin on the progression grid. Gar Capital Ships: Choose ufa rusia dating powerful Gar capital ship to serve as the seat of power in your organization and a symbol of your empire.

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    Each Gar has a set of 5 unique abilities and related research options available. Initially 3 Gar are available to choose from with more to come.

    Research Technologies: As your empire grows you will unlock new technologies and enhance your efficiency and capacity by researching new tech for planet improvements, ship design and Gar abilities.

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    Watch nearby heathen dating fall under your control as your influence spreads across the galaxy. Citadels and Stations: Build powerful citadels and space stations to hold back the rising influence of your competition and provide defence from invasion.

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    Massive Galaxy: Expand your empire across a massive procedural galaxy containing thousands of star systems and tens of thousands of worlds. Cerinţe de sistem.

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