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Donna Andersen Donna Andersen is author of Lovefraud. Donna learned about sociopaths the hard sociopaths online dating marrying one.

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She tells the whole outrageous story in her first book, Love Fraud-How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan. The book was awarded five stars by the Midwest Book Review. Donna launched Lovefraud.

Readers often say the website is the best source on the Internet for information about relationships with sociopaths. Many Lovefraud readers thank Donna for saving their lives.

Web of Lies

Donna founded Lovefraud Education and Recovery. The nonprofit offers online webinars to help professionals and the public spot, escape and recover from narcissists, antisocials, psychopaths and other manipulators.

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She is co-author of a scientific paper about therapy for victims of sociopaths, and has presented research to the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy. She has been interviewed for multiple radio shows, print articles and web posts.

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Donna graduated summa cum laude from the Syracuse University with degrees in magazine journalism and psychology. She was the original editor of Atlantic City Magazine, and then founded a boutique advertising agency, Donna Andersen Copywriting, in Her portfolio includes multimedia scriptwriting, freelance magazine articles, newsletters, web content and more.

Donna is happily remarried, proving that recovery from betrayal is possible.

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